Designing is a problem-solving attitude, overcoming the constraints imposed by challenges

Our mission is to provide critical, comprehensive, accessible and design-focused insight, about the ideas, expectations and possibilities of the projects that we integrate, with the aim of transforming into products, services and experiences.

The services we offer are developed with a methodology based on four stages that interact and integrate one another, depending on the requirements of each project.

fuga methodology

Analysis and research

. Investigation and analysis of the problem

. Search for related and relevant background image

. Analysis of direct and indirect competition by object or conceptual affinity

. Trend analysis

. Analysis of company/product

. Survey and documentation (product/process)

. Constraints identification

. Constraints factor presentation

. Diagnosis and development of strategic design proposals


. Survey and design components

. Design/composition aesthetic proposals

. Adjustments of the selected proposals

. Design applications to the full line

. Verification of objectives

. Adjustment and completion of final version

. Final commercial release

. Adjustments and design documentation for production


. Assessment and diagnosis

. Definition of specifications

. Design verification

. Formalization of changes: objectives and scope

. Definition of technologies, processes and materials

. Definition of suppliers of materials, processes and semifinished products

. Redesign

. Documentation for production


. Features, specifications and documentation for budgeting

. Search and supplier development

. Definition of quantities, costs and production times

. Management of logistics, shipping and reception

. Management of prototypes, molds, dies

. Verification of machine commissioning

. Tracking suppliers

. Audit and quality control

. Verification of design goals

. Definition of quality standards

. Adjustments for production of documents

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