Furniture for Los Molinos Faena Building


Estudio Rocamora


Estudio Fuga


3D modeling and realization of rendered images of furniture equipment for Los Molinos Building.
In the framework of the design of equipment for the real estate project Los Molinos Building, Estudio Rocamora requested the participation of the studio to make the digital representation of the pieces of furniture.

Study System

Daybed / Diábolo Sidewalk / Deco Low Table / Deco Desk / Deco Chair / Tachas Armchair

Living Room System

Deco Table / Deco Low Table / Deco Chairs / Deco Armchair / Deco Couch / Tom Cap Couch

Bedroom System

Deco Bed / Deco Low Table/ Diábolo Sidewalk / Deco Console / Tachas Armchair / Lobby Sidewalk

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